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YIPENG Lanna Light Festival

In less than two months, the Lantern Festival, also known as Loy Krathong or the Yi Peng Festival, will be here. It is an ancient and cherished tradition of the Lanna region, where the night is illuminated with the flickering light of lanterns, lantern-decorated houses, and vibrant plant decorations from the forest's edge. The glow of lanterns and candles along the riverside, all born out of faith and reverence, paints the town of Chiang Mai with a mystical ambiance.

There are many legends surrounding the origins of the Yi Peng Festival, such as the Chamthewi dynasty legends. They speak of the tradition of floating lanterns or 'Loi Khom' as a practice that dates back to ancient times.

During the Yi Peng Festival, manuscripts like 'Bai Lan' are used for religious ceremonies at various temples throughout Lanna, including the 'Atthavisas' manuscript, 'Phang Prathet' manuscript, and 'Yi Peng' manuscript. This marks the inception of the 'Lanna, Worship, and Light' concept and the 'Lanna Light Festival' through the Yi Peng Festival's activities, which will be illuminated with beautiful lights all over Chiang Mai in a contemporary Lanna style. It is a creative reflection of the roots of tradition, paying homage to nature, ancestors, and the surroundings.

For the upcoming 'Light Festival' happening on November 26-28, 2566 (2023), the excitement and creativity involved will be something to look forward to. Stay tuned!


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