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Visit Lanna Associationfor MICE and Tourism Industry

The establishment

of Visit Lanna Association

The gathering of MICE in Chiang Mai creates a million reasons... for people to visit.

Visit Lanna Association for MICE and Tourism Industry is the amalgamation of various individuals and groups within the Chiang Mai MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) industry. Their aim is to attract events and promote Chiang Mai as a year-round destination.

One of their initiatives is to elevate Chiang Mai's renowned flower festival to a year-round calendar of floral tourism under the new brand 'Chiang Mai Blooms.' This has transformed February into a month filled with flower-related events, with collaboration between the private sector, government, and businesses. Activities range from flower-themed campaigns at shops to flower-themed running events that draw participants from various regions.

Currently, the association has been driving the Chiang Mai Blooms festival for six years, starting in 2018 and continuing until 2023. This project is a flagship initiative that creates new experiences through festivals, presenting a fresh marketing perspective for the city. It reflects the collaborative spirit of the people of Chiang Mai, aimed at fostering a sustainable local economy. The past events have had a significant and positive impact, contributing to Chiang Mai's selection as a World Festival & Event City Award recipient.

Why was 'Visit Lanna' established?

"We want to develop Chiang Mai sustainably. Addressing the low-season challenges in Chiang Mai by simply lowering room rates isn't a sustainable solution.

During the rainy season, all hotels in Chiang Mai face similar tourist number challenges. Despite our readiness and having a wide range of 1-5 star hotels, international boutique hotels, and rapidly growing hostels with over 70,000 rooms, when combined with Chiang Mai's unique lifestyle, we are well-prepared to handle large-scale MICE events comfortably.

Hence, we don't just wait for returning tourists; Visit Lanna serves as a hub to attract new travelers. We are building a strong Chiang Mai brand where every part works together, not in competition, but in growing together."

What are the strengths or advantages of private sector collaboration?

MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) is related to various businesses, hotels, organizers, or even communities. Everyone is involved in the customer experience. If we want to push the MICE industry forward, we must do it together. Visit Lanna will make Chiang Mai more prepared to host large flagship festivals. Our goal is not just on a national level; we need to look at an Asian scale. We rely on each other within the province first, and when the government sees this opportunity, various promotions will follow suit.




of Visit Lanna Association

"We want to strengthen the city's identity through City Branding and global-level marketing efforts. We present Chiang Mai's way of life and culture, our strengths, but with a fresh perspective, connecting with the younger generation, making it their story. Creating the city's character found only in Chiang Mai, which will expand to other cities in the northern region in the future."

"No one understands the region like the people within it. Creating opportunities for new income is everyone's responsibility. The opportunities within the MICE industry are vast and crucial for all industries worldwide. If private sectors in other cities across Thailand start to come together and prepare to welcome business travelers, Thailand will undoubtedly become a standout choice in the global MICE market."

Visit Lanna's

Future goals

The development and enhancement of the Yi Peng Festival in Chiang Mai, in collaboration with the Office of Convention and Exhibition Promotion, private sector organizations, and the Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, aim to elevate the Yi Peng Festival into a festival of lights that reflects the Lanna way of life. This will open up the tourism season to international travelers.

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