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Awakening Chiang Mai

Light Festival


Get ready for the Awakening Chiang Mai festival, the first-ever light and digital art festival in Chiang Mai province. The event will immerse everyone in the Polar-Rise theme with a total of 17 artworks by local Chiang Mai artists, artists from Bangkok, and international artists, showcased at 13 locations throughout the Chang Moi - Tha Pae area.

Start your journey at the Information Point at Ratchawong Warehouse to pick up a map, route information, and collect stamps at various points (collect at least 10 stamps to exchange for rewards from Chang beverages). Then, explore the Chang Moi community, head towards Tha Pae Road, and conclude your experience at the Gitiphannichai Shop.

Each location features creatively illuminated art displays, complemented by intriguing concepts with explanatory information available at each spot.

Additionally, enjoy free concerts by Chiang Mai artists over the three days. Today's performance features Vels, on November 11 – Solitude is Bliss, and on November 12 - Kiankai and Wanitch. The concerts run from 19:00 to 20:00 at Ratchawong Warehouse.

There are also four partner bars for relaxation: SPV Cafe, Hide Land, and Bottomsup.CNX, and Rong Leuay Tha Pae.

The light and digital art festival runs from November 10 to 19, starting at 18:00.
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Nov 10, 2023


Nov 19, 2023


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