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Chiangmai CAD Khomloy Sky Lantern Festival

Khomloy Sky Lantern Festival



15.30 Arrange your own transportation Meet us at the Meeting point at Maya Shopping Mall (Fountain area)
15.30 Assemble at the meeting point then transfer to the venue (Show your e-ticket on your cell phone) a shuttle leaves every 5 mins from 15.30 the last shuttle leaves at 18.00
16.30-18.30 Arrival at the Venue, Show e-ticket on your mobile register ticket at main entrance. Receive souvenirs and Snack basket and enjoy activities such as,Loi kratong
18.30-19.30 Enjoy Lanna Thai Buffet food, Snacks, desserts, beverages
19.30 Enter the ritual area in front of the great pagoda
19.40.Drum, Candle show, Religious ceremony, Monks chanting,
20.15 Launching Lanterns
20.45 End of ceremony, Depart from the event to the meeting point in the city Arrival at the meeting point at Maya Shopping Mall (depends on traffic conditions)


Entrance fee to the Yi Peng ceremony.
Lanna Thai Buffet Dinner with a delectable assortment of dishes, accompanied by snacks and a variety of non-alcoholic beverages.
Commemorative souvenirs, including a beautifully hand-painted keepsake and a convenient small bag.
Two lanterns per person, thoughtfully placed on your seat, and one Krathong each for floating at the enchanting Loy Kratong Floating Zone.
Immerse yourself in captivating shows and partake in engaging activities within the ceremonial area.
Convenient pick-up and drop-off transportation from the meeting point to the event, with options available based on your seating preference, including a Red Cab for a Standard Seat or a Van for a Premium and VIP Seat.
Exclusions: Please note that personal expenses for taxi services to reach the meeting point at Maya Shopping Mall are not included.



Nov 27, 2023


Nov 28, 2023


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Chiangmai CAD Khomloy Sky Lantern Festival



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