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Event atmosphere at Flowers on the Table 2023

The event was organized by the Million Fields Engineers Association for the Moss Industry and Tourism, in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Office of Promotion and Festival Organizing (a government agency), as part of the 'Chiang Mai Blooms' festival or the blooming Chiang Mai festival. The theme for this year was 'Magical Moments, Fragrance Throughout February.

Within the Flowers on the Table 2023 event, there were 14 highlights divided into various categories, including Arts & Craft Exhibitions, Market & Music, Journey & Experience, and Food & Beverage

The event featured performances by nationally renowned artists, including Ohm Thitiwat (The Voice 4), Spai Phatsakorn (The Golden Song), and concluded with a mini-concert by New Ji-Juw.


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