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Lanna Thai Costume

How about envisioning the Yi Peng Festival with a multitude of people elegantly adorned in their chosen traditional attire? This spectacle would undoubtedly paint a picturesque and enchanting scene.

Consider this as an additional recommendation for travelers, encouraging them to delve into the world of traditional and Lanna-style clothing, each possessing its distinctive charm and significance. We've curated four local fashion boutiques, each offering a unique style for your selection. Furthermore, we've included designer-recommended outfits for you to wear while leisurely strolling and marveling at the Yi Peng Festival's luminous splendor in the evening.

Chan Shop specializes in crafting clothing from sustainable hemp fabric and draws inspiration from various fabric patterns. Their collection includes shirts, silk fabric, dresses, bags, and hats, each featuring unique and distinctive designs. What sets them apart is their use of naturally dyed colors, including indigo, marigold, and salt, which are harvested during the harvest season. Additionally, their beautiful patterns are handwoven, reflecting the spirit of the Yi Peng Festival.

Address: 31 Soi Wat Sane Fang Tad Mai, Chang Moi Tad Mai Rd., Chang Moi Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chiang Mai.

Tel: 064 653 5525

Wasin Thai Textile for Wedding showcases traditional clothing from the northern region, designed for those who have a deep passion for the art of weaving and a desire to uplift their community. This brand is dedicated to preserving and passing on the cultural heritage of Lanna to the present day. The clothing retains its original designs and patterns, yet it incorporates contemporary materials, offering a unique blend of soft, comfortable, and vibrant colors without excessive embellishments. The intricate silk fabric patterns are woven with precision and are tailored to suit modern tastes while preserving their original essence.

Their collection includes clothing for both men and women, featuring traditional, Lanna, and ethnic attire, silk fabrics, jewelry, footwear, wedding attire, and various ceremonial outfits.

Address: 94-120 Anusarn Building, Charoenmueang Road, Wat Ket Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chiang Mai.

Tel: 064 442 2267

Cotton Farm is a textile brand deeply rooted in Chiang Mai's local textile industry, with a history spanning many years. Their primary objective is to uphold environmental sustainability by utilizing eco-friendly products. They place a strong emphasis on using natural dyed cotton fabrics, supporting the skilled artisans within various communities.

Cotton Farm's product range includes naturally dyed cotton clothing and a variety of straightforward, contemporary-style bags. These items are comfortable to wear, exuding a distinct local essence. Additionally, the shop offers tie-dye workshops that provide an opportunity to learn the art of tie-dyeing and design, creating unique gifts and special keepsakes, often inspired by the Yi Peng Festival.

Address: 158, 162 Tha Phae Road, Chang Moi Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chiang Mai.

Tel: 081 884 6484


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