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LOMO Experience

Join us to open up the Lomo experience, traveling to admire the enchanting lights of the Yi Peng Lantern Festival around the city of Chiang Mai.

Lomo platform, or electric tuk-tuks in vibrant blue and white colors, is equipped with both an application to address local public transportation accessibility issues and the development of small-scale transportation systems within the city. Designed as electric tuk-tuks, also known as EV Tuk-Tuks, Lomo aims to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of local transportation in urban areas

Today, we will take you to explore the Yi Peng Lantern Festival lights at various locations, starting from the Chiang Green Lagoon Hotel, passing through different temples, and reaching the Iron Bridge. Currently, temples, restaurants, and several landmarks are adorned with colorful lights for tourists to enjoy.

Lomo offers a variety of trips tailored to different styles, providing options that suit individual preferences.

Good Morning Trip Welcome the first morning in Chiang Mai with a traditional almsgiving ceremony, offering blessings, and enjoying a local breakfast at a friendly price. Start your day with a heartfelt 'Good Morning Chiang Mai!'

Local Experience Trip Experience a local city tour with Lomo's spacious electric tuk-tuk, designed for comfort whether you're traveling solo or in a group. Explore the city, and engage in workshops to immerse yourself in the traditional way of life. Lomo's large EV tuk-tuks provide a comfortable and enjoyable journey through the local charm of the city.

Mutelu Trip Don't miss the ultimate spiritual journey! Immerse yourself in a pilgrimage to the renowned sacred sites in Chiang Mai province that cater to the spiritual seekers. Enhance your devotion at the Wat Lok Moli, reinforce your prosperity at the Wat Sripanton, and cultivate lasting abundance at the serene Wat Chiang Man. Strengthen your wisdom, compassion, and success at the legendary Wat Phra Singh.

Night life Indulge in the evening atmosphere, marvel at the glow of Yi Peng lanterns, and hang out along the entertainment street all night. Experience the Yi Peng festivities, embracing the cool breeze with Lomo – Go Local, Go Lomo.

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