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Specially curated menu for the Yi Peng Chiang Mai 2023

Let me introduce you to a specially curated menu for the Yi Peng Festival from popular restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops that perfectly blend with the festive atmosphere of lights. These selections encompass unique flavors, vibrant decorations, the scent of the festival, and locally sourced ingredients, capturing the essence of the season.

BAAN Landai Fine Thai Cuisine

A Thai restaurant that guarantees quality with Michelin Guide awards, featuring a unique menu from all over Thailand and elevating local dishes to widespread recognition through outstanding presentation. With flavors crafted with precision, each dish is a masterpiece passed down through generations. The meticulous preparation extends to every plate, complemented by exceptional service, making it an ideal place for a delightful dining experience with your extended family.

For the Yi Peng Festival, the restaurant presents the special dish "Miang Kham Dok Mai." This menu is a delightful combination of various flowers and herbs, offering a vibrant array of colors. It aims to capture the essence of the festival's lights and hues, creating a unique culinary experience that resonates with the spirit of the Yi Peng Festival.

The "Pad Mee Boran Goong" is a renowned dish at the restaurant, inspired by the northern-style stir-fried noodles. This dish features a medley of fresh vegetables, colorful pickled vegetables, and deep-fried shrimp coated in tamarind sauce. It is elegantly served in a tray or a traditional leaf bowl, providing a delightful and visually appealing dining experience.

The "Bualoy Med Khanun" is a sweet dessert featuring traditional Thai glutinous rice balls filled with jackfruit. These delectable balls are paired with fragrant coconut milk, infused with the aromatic essence of pandan leaves. The dish evokes the sensation of the smoky aroma reminiscent of the candle smoke during the Loy Krathong festival, providing a unique and nostalgic culinary experience.

"Nang Nopamas" is a special chocolate beverage crafted to evoke the scents of flowers, subtle roasting, and the essence of incense. This unique drink blends the richness of chocolate with the aromatic notes of flowers, along with the warmth of roasted elements. The result is a sophisticated and layered beverage that provides a sensory experience reminiscent of the fragrance of flowers and the ambiance of incense.

Starting at 119 - 195 Baht

For table reservations 065 848 4464.

Operating hours are from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM, closed on Mondays.

Location: 252/13-14 Sripoom Road, Muang District, Chiang Mai Province.

Kati Breakfast & Brunch

Located in the Old City area, adjacent to Koom Chao Burirat, Kati Breakfast & Brunch offers a diverse menu of brunch and beverages. Some of their fusion dishes are inspired by Thai and Northern cuisine. The restaurant has gained popularity for its use of fresh and high-quality ingredients, attracting both Thai and international tourists.

A special menu for the Yi Peng Festival is the "Lalin" beverage, which includes pandan, ginger, and jasmine flavors. The drink is made from homemade jasmine-infused syrup and ginger, providing a sweet fragrance from white flowers. It is served in a decorated glass with pandan leaves and charming colorful flowers. Enjoy it with a side of Thong Ek (golden egg yolk) for added freshness, enhancing the festive aroma from the beautifully adorned decorations during the Yi Peng Festival.

Price: 89 Baht (Beverages available only during the Yi Peng Festival until November 28, 2023)

Table reservation: 083 841 3496

Opening hours: 07:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Location: 115, 115/1-5 Ratchadamnoen Road, Sri Phum Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chiang Mai Province.

Siamaya Chocolate

Siamaya, a craft chocolate brand in Chiang Mai, was conceived by foreigners who wanted the people of Chiang Mai to have access to high-quality chocolate close to home. They started by opening a storefront on the Old Chang Moi Road and later expanded to establish the Siamaya Chocolate Factory & Flagship Store under the Weave Artisan project, where they sell their products and beverages. The brand is known for offering a variety of chocolate flavors that change with the seasons and festivals. They often collaborate with other brands to create unique chocolate tastes.

For the Yi Peng Festival, Siamaya presents a chocolate collection called "Mango Jelly and Popping Candy Milk Chocolate." This chocolate captures the feelings and flavors of the festival of lights in the form of fireworks. It delivers a fruity sweetness from mango jelly and a playful crunch from popping candy, creating a sensation akin to the burst of fireworks when you bite into it.

Price: 180 Baht (Available for sale only during the Yi Peng Festival)

Opening Hours: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Location: 2 Chang Moi Old Road, Tambon Chang Moi, Amphoe Mueang, Chiang Mai

Google Map : (สาขาช้างม่อย) (สาขาวัวลาย)

Gallery Drip Coffee Chiang Mai

The coffee shop in the heart of Chiang Mai's cultural center often uses beans from the northern region as the main ingredient for their coffee drips. The venue is known for its engaging conversations led by the renowned coffee enthusiast, Brother Drip King.

For the Yi Peng Festival, Gallery Drip Coffee in Chiang Mai presents a special coffee bean from Omkoi. Harvesting begins in early November, with locals conducting traditional ceremonies on the night of the Harvest Moon, seeking permission for the harvest. This ritual is closely linked to the Yi Peng Festival, which involves worship and seeking blessings. Drinking coffee made from beans harvested during this period is akin to participating in the sacred ceremonies associated with the festival.

Price starts at 100 Baht.

Opening Hours: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Location: Chiang Mai Cultural Center, Phra Pok Klao Road, Sri Phum Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chiang Mai.

Mitte Mitte

A popular brunch spot in the warm atmosphere of the Chang Moi area, this restaurant serves a diverse range of brunch fusion dishes along with energizing beverages throughout the day.

For the Yi Peng Festival, the restaurant introduces a signature dish called "Changmoi - Katsu Bagel." This menu is a creative blend inspired by the renowned Chang Moi neighborhood, particularly the long-established Aunt Pan's fried banana vendor, who has been selling for over 40 years. The dish features a bagel with Aunt Pan's fried banana and a special recipe mustard sauce, served with a sunny-side-up egg. It is a contemporary presentation of local cuisine, perfect for the Yi Peng Festival, allowing tourists to savor and experience this unique dish.

Price starts at 220 Baht.

Opening Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location: Address: 64, 1 Sittiwong Road, Chang Moi Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chiang Mai.

If anyone comes across special menus from any other restaurants, feel free to share with us. We'd love to hear about your experiences, whether it's your favorite dishes, unique offerings, or any other place worth trying during this festival season!


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