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Lanna Candle-making workshop

In the past, we participated in a lantern-making workshop in the "Kad Kong Kao" community, Lam Chang. We had the opportunity to chat with the elders in the community who warmly welcomed us.

For Kad Kong Kao, it all began with a desire to preserve the Lanna tradition for future generations to inherit. It serves as a place of learning and promoting the rich old culture, while also contributing to the community's income. Within Kad Kong Kao, you can find local food, snacks, and handmade crafts, mainly produced by community.

Every week, various craft workshops are presented. Last Friday, we had the chance to make traditional Lanna lanterns.

According to Khun Fon-Rasjaraya (The community leader), in the past, almost every household in Lam Chang used to make lanterns, from crafting them to decorating and hanging them up.

However, this tradition has gradually declined, with lantern making becoming more prominent during the Yi Peng Festival. The lanterns we made today will be used in the "Taam Phang Pa Teud, Sao Faa Hak Sa Mueang, 12th Four-Jaeng Mueang, One-Jai Mueang" event from November 25th to 27th.

This is another example of the community's effort to preserve the Yi Peng tradition and make lanterns shine as symbols of Yi Peng. When combined, they become a bright light throughout the city.

You can follow Kad Kong Kao's workshops on their Facebook page:


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