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Reflecting upon the past during Yi Peng Festival.

In the historical context of Yi Peng, following the Lanna calendar, the festival traditionally commenced on the 13th night, followed consecutively by the 14th and 15th nights. However, in contemporary times, there are now celebrations held on the 15th night, allowing tourists to partake in various activities and immerse themselves in the festival's ambiance before and after the full moon day. Alongside the customary practices, such as releasing floating lanterns, hanging lamps, lighting floating candles, and adorning forest gateways, a rich tapestry of cultural traditions has been handed down through the generations, with each day holding its unique significance.

Yi Peng is yet another occasion for families to come together, with grandparents making offerings and engaging in acts of merit, while children often revel in the festivities at night. Some older generations still partake in these activities today, but the celebration has predominantly transformed into a jubilant occasion.

So, have you ever participated in any family activities or contemplated anything special on Yi Peng Day? Let's share our experiences!"

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