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"Visit the largest Lampang-style lamp production center in the northern region.

"Visit the largest Lampang-style lamp production center in the northern region, located in the community of Mueang Satranluang, in Nong Hoi Subdistrict, Mueang Chiang Mai District.

This community is known for its Lampang-style lamp production, which is the main occupation of the people in the community. It all started with Mae Bua Lai and the Wisdom Group, who initiated the creation of lamps in a new style while preserving the traditional Lampang-style lamps. They passed on their knowledge of lamp making to the community, and since then, each household in the community has been making lamps continuously. Today, nearly every house makes lamps.

"Uncle Teo" (the community leader) said that since he has been in this community, they have been making Lampang-style lamps for over 70 years. Every household that makes lamps will have lamps in standard shapes, such as lanterns, lotus lamps, rabbit ear lamps, hanging lamps like gem lamps, elephant circle lamps, octagonal lamps, animal-shaped lamps, paddle lamps, and rotating lamps. For unique-shaped lamps, each household has its own preferences.

The materials used to make lamps include mulberry paper, glass paper, and colorful translucent paper. Some households start from the frame, including both bamboo and steel frames made by skilled craftsmen, to decoration with beautiful patterns. However, some households rely on lamps from elsewhere.

If anyone wants a lamp to decorate their homes or use for worship on various occasions, they often buy it from the Mueang Satranluang community. It is recommended to place an order in advance so that craftsmen can prepare accordingly. The community's lamp-making orders are available throughout the year, but in the two months before the Yi Peng Festival, it becomes especially busy, both for craftsmen and those who come to buy."


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